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ACU_TreeDagNode Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  NormalizationStatus { FRESH, ASSIGNMENT, TREE }

Public Member Functions

 ACU_TreeDagNode (ACU_Symbol *symbol, const ACU_Tree &tree)
RawDagArgumentIteratorarguments ()
bool checkSort (const Sort *boundSort, Subproblem *&returnedSubproblem)
bool checkSort (const Sort *boundSort, RewritingContext &context)
void clearCopyPointers ()
int compare (const DagNode *other) const
int compareArguments (const DagNode *other) const
virtual ReturnResult computeBaseSortForGroundSubterms ()
void computeGeneralizedSort (const SortBdds &sortBdds, const Vector< int > &realToBdd, Vector< Bdd > &generalizedSort)
bool computeSolvedForm (DagNode *rhs, UnificationContext &solution, PendingUnificationStack &pending)
virtual bool computeSolvedForm2 (DagNode *rhs, UnificationContext &solution, PendingUnificationStack &pending)
void computeTrueSort (RewritingContext &context)
DagNodecopyAndReduce (RewritingContext &context)
DagNodecopyEagerUptoReduced ()
DagNodecopyReducible ()
void copySetRewritingFlags (const DagNode *other)
void copySortIndex (const DagNode *other)
DagNodecopyWithReplacement (Vector< RedexPosition > &redexStack, int first, int last)
DagNodecopyWithReplacement (int argIndex, DagNode *replacement)
bool equal (const DagNode *other) const
size_t getHashValue ()
MemoryCellgetMemoryCell ()
const MemoryCellgetMemoryCell () const
NormalizationStatus getNormalizationStatus () const
int getSize () const
SortgetSort () const
int getSortIndex () const
Byte getTheoryByte () const
const ACU_TreegetTree () const
bool indexVariables (NarrowingVariableInfo &indices, int baseIndex)
bool indexVariables2 (NarrowingVariableInfo &indices, int baseIndex)
bool inErrorSort ()
void insertVariables (NatSet &occurs)
virtual void insertVariables2 (NatSet &occurs)
DagNodeinstantiate (const Substitution &substitution)
virtual DagNodeinstantiate2 (const Substitution &substitution)
virtual DagNodeinstantiateWithReplacement (const Substitution &substitution, int argIndex, DagNode *newDag)
bool isFresh () const
bool isGround () const
bool isReduced () const
bool isTree () const
bool isUnrewritable () const
bool isUnstackable () const
bool leq (const Sort *sort) const
ACU_TreeDagNodemakeCanonical (HashConsSet *hcs)
DagNodemakeClone ()
ExtensionInfomakeExtensionInfo ()
void mark ()
bool matchVariable (int index, const Sort *sort, bool copyToAvoidOverwriting, Substitution &solution, Subproblem *&returnedSubproblem, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo)
bool matchVariableWithExtension (int index, const Sort *sort, Substitution &solution, Subproblem *&returnedSubproblem, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo)
void * operator new (size_t size, DagNode *old)
void * operator new (size_t size)
void overwriteWithClone (DagNode *old)
DagNodepartialConstruct (DagNode *replacement, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo)
void partialReplace (DagNode *replacement, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo)
void reduce (RewritingContext &context)
void replaceSymbol (Symbol *newSymbol)
void repudiateSortInfo ()
void setCallDtor ()
void setGround ()
void setNormalizationStatus (NormalizationStatus status)
void setReduced ()
void setSortIndex (int index)
void setTheoryByte (Byte value)
void setUnrewritable ()
void setUnstackable ()
void stackArguments (Vector< RedexPosition > &stack, int parentIndex, bool respectFrozen)
ACU_Symbolsymbol () const
void upgradeSortIndex (const DagNode *other)

Static Public Member Functions

static ACU_DagNodetreeToArgVec (ACU_TreeDagNode *original)

Protected Types

enum  Sizes { nrWords = 3 }

Protected Member Functions

bool isHashValid () const
void setHashValid ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static size_t hash (size_t v1, size_t v2)
static size_t hash (size_t v1, size_t v2, size_t v3)

Private Member Functions

void clearCopyPointers2 ()
DagNodecopyEagerUptoReduced2 ()
DagNodemarkArguments ()

Private Attributes

size_t hashCache
ACU_Tree tree


class ACU_Symbol

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file ACU_TreeDagNode.hh.

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