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AssociativeSymbol Class Reference

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struct  Inv

Public Types

enum  CtorStatus { IS_CTOR = 1, IS_NON_CTOR = 2, IS_COMPLEX = IS_CTOR | IS_NON_CTOR }
enum  PermuteStrategy { EAGER, SEMI_EAGER, LAZY }
typedef Vector< int > SourceSet

Public Member Functions

void addOpDeclaration (const Vector< Sort * > &domainAndRange, bool constructorFlag)
int arity () const
 AssociativeSymbol (int id, const Vector< int > &strategy, bool memoFlag, Term *identity=0)
virtual bool attachData (const Vector< Sort * > &opDeclaration, const char *purpose, const Vector< const char * > &data)
virtual bool attachSymbol (const char *purpose, Symbol *symbol)
virtual bool attachTerm (const char *purpose, Term *term)
virtual bool canProduceErrorSort () const
virtual bool canResolveTheoryClash ()
int compare (const Symbol *other) const
virtual void compileEquations ()
virtual void compileOpDeclarations ()
virtual void compileRules ()
virtual void compileSortConstraints ()
virtual void computeBaseSort (DagNode *subject)=0
virtual void computeGeneralizedSort (const SortBdds &sortBdds, const Vector< int > &realToBdd, DagNode *subject, Vector< Bdd > &generalizedSort)
int computeMultSortIndex (int index1, int index2, int multiplicity)
void computePossibleDomainSorts (const NatSet &rangeSorts, Vector< NatSet > &domainSorts)
virtual void computeSortFunctionBdds (const SortBdds &sortBdds, Vector< Bdd > &sortFunctionBdds) const
int computeSortIndex (int index1, int index2)
void constrainToExactSort (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)
void constrainToSmallerSort (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)
virtual void copyAttachments (Symbol *original, SymbolMap *map)
const ConnectedComponentdomainComponent (int argNr) const
virtual bool domainSortAlwaysLeqThan (Sort *sort, int argNr)
bool eagerArgument (int argNr) const
virtual bool eqRewrite (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)=0
bool equationFree () const
bool evaluatedArgument (int argNr) const
void fastComputeTrueSort (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)
void fillInSortInfo (Term *subject)
void finalizeSortInfo ()
int getCtorStatus () const
virtual void getDataAttachments (const Vector< Sort * > &opDeclaration, Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Vector< const char * > > &data)
const Vector< Equation * > & getEquations () const
const NatSetgetFrozen () const
unsigned int getHashValue ()
TermgetIdentity () const
DagNodegetIdentityDag ()
int getIndexWithinModule () const
int getLineNumber () const
const NatSetgetMaximalOpDeclSet (Sort *target)
ModulegetModule () const
const Vector< OpDeclaration > & getOpDeclarations () const
PermuteStrategy getPermuteStrategy () const
const Vector< Rule * > & getRules () const
SortgetSingleNonErrorSort () const
const Vector< SortConstraint * > & getSortConstraints () const
const Vector< int > & getStrategy () const
virtual void getSymbolAttachments (Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Symbol * > &symbols)
virtual void getTermAttachments (Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Term * > &terms)
int getUniqueSortIndex ()
bool hasCyclicIdentity () const
bool hasFrozenArguments () const
bool hasIdentity () const
bool hasUnequalLeftIdentityCollapse () const
bool hasUnequalRightIdentityCollapse () const
int id () const
bool interSymbolPass ()
bool isConstructor (DagNode *subject)
bool isMemoized () const
bool isStable () const
bool kindLevelDeclarationsOnly () const
virtual DagNodemakeCanonical (DagNode *original, HashConsSet *hcs)=0
virtual DagNodemakeCanonicalCopy (DagNode *original, HashConsSet *hcs)=0
virtual DagNodemakeDagNode (const Vector< DagNode * > &args=noArgs)=0
virtual TermmakeTerm (const Vector< Term * > &args)=0
virtual UnificationSubproblemmakeUnificationSubproblem ()
void memoEnter (SourceSet &sourceSet, DagNode *destination)
bool memoRewrite (SourceSet &sourceSet, DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)
bool mightCollapseToOurSymbol (const Term *subterm) const
bool mightMatchOurIdentity (const Term *subterm) const
bool mightMatchPattern (Term *pattern)
virtual void normalizeAndComputeTrueSort (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)=0
void offerEquation (Equation *equation)
void offerRule (Rule *rule)
void offerSortConstraint (SortConstraint *sortConstraint)
void orderSortConstraints ()
virtual void postInterSymbolPass ()
virtual void postOpDeclarationPass ()
ConnectedComponentrangeComponent () const
virtual bool rangeSortAlwaysLeqThan (Sort *sort)
virtual bool rangeSortNeverLeqThan (Sort *sort)
void reset ()
virtual void resetRules ()
virtual void restoreHiddenState ()
bool ruleFree () const
virtual DagNoderuleRewrite (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context)
virtual void saveHiddenState ()
void setFrozen (const NatSet &frozen)
void setIdentity (Term *id)
void setLineNumber (int lineNr)
void setModuleInfo (Module *module, int indexWithinModule)
void setPermuteFrozen (const NatSet &frozen)
void setPermuteStrategy (const Vector< int > &userStrategy)
void setStrategy (const Vector< int > &userStrategy, int nrArgs, bool memoFlag)
int sortBound (const Sort *sort) const
bool sortConstraintFree () const
Structure sortStructure (const Sort *sort) const
virtual void stackArguments (DagNode *subject, Vector< RedexPosition > &stack, int parentIndex)=0
bool standardStrategy () const
bool takeIdentity (const Sort *sort)
int traverse (int position, int sortIndex) const
bool unevaluatedArguments () const
virtual int unificationPriority () const
const SortuniformSort () const

Protected Member Functions

bool acceptEquation (Equation *equation)
bool acceptRule (Rule *rule)
bool acceptSortConstraint (SortConstraint *sortConstraint)
bool applyReplace (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo=0)
bool applyReplaceNoOwise (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo=0)
DagNodeapplyRules (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo)
void commutativeSortCompletion ()
int ctorTraverse (int position, int sortIndex) const
void idempotentSortCheck ()
void leftIdentitySortCheck ()
void processIdentity ()
void resetEachRule ()
void rightIdentitySortCheck ()
bool safeToInspectSortConstraints ()
bool specialSortHandling () const

Static Protected Attributes

static const Vector< int > standard

Private Member Functions

void associativeSortBoundsAnalysis ()
void associativeSortCheck ()
void associativeSortStructureAnalysis ()
bool checkUniformity (const Sort *uniformSort, int nrSorts)
void insertGreaterOrEqualSorts (const Sort *sort, NatSet &set)

Private Attributes

Vector< int > sortBounds
Vector< Structure > sortStructures
const SortuniSort

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file associativeSymbol.hh.

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