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MetaLevel Class Reference

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struct  AttributeInfo
struct  StatementAttributeInfo

Public Member Functions

bool bind (const char *name, Symbol *symbol)
bool bind (const char *name, Term *term)
bool downAssignment (DagNode *metaAssignment, MixfixModule *m, Vector< Term * > &variables, Vector< Term * > &values)
bool downBool (DagNode *metaBool, bool &value)
bool downBound (DagNode *metaBound, int &bound) const
bool downBound64 (DagNode *metaBound, Int64 &bound) const
bool downComponent (DagNode *metaComponent, MixfixModule *m, ConnectedComponent *&component)
bool downCondition (DagNode *metaCondition, MixfixModule *m, Vector< ConditionFragment * > &condition)
MetaModuledownModule (DagNode *metaModule, bool cacheMetaModule=true, Interpreter *owner=0)
bool downOpName (DagNode *metaQid, int &id)
bool downPrintOptionSet (DagNode *metaPrintOptionSet, int &printFlags) const
bool downQid (DagNode *metaQid, int &id)
bool downQidList (DagNode *metaQidList, Vector< int > &ids)
bool downSaturate (DagNode *metaBound, int &bound) const
bool downSaturate64 (DagNode *metaBound, Int64 &bound) const
bool downSimpleSort (DagNode *metaSort, MixfixModule *m, Sort *&sort)
bool downSubstitution (DagNode *metaSubstitution, MixfixModule *m, Vector< Term * > &variables, Vector< Term * > &values)
TermdownTerm (DagNode *metaTerm, MixfixModule *m)
bool downTermAndSort (DagNode *metaTerm, DagNode *metaSort, Term *&term, Sort *&sort, MixfixModule *m)
bool downTermPair (DagNode *metaTerm1, DagNode *metaTerm2, Term *&term1, Term *&term2, MixfixModule *m, bool makeDisjoint=false)
bool downType (DagNode *metaType, MixfixModule *m, Sort *&type)
bool downTypeList (DagNode *metaTypeList, MixfixModule *m, Vector< Sort * > &typeList)
bool downUnificandPair (DagNode *metaUnificandPair, Term *&lhs, Term *&rhs, MixfixModule *m, bool makeDisjoint)
bool downUnificationProblem (DagNode *metaUnificationProblem, Vector< Term * > &leftHandSides, Vector< Term * > &rightHandSides, MixfixModule *m, bool makeDisjoint)
const mpz_class & getNat (const DagNode *dagNode) const
void getSymbolAttachments (Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Symbol * > &symbols)
void getTermAttachments (Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Term * > &terms)
bool isNat (const DagNode *dagNode) const
 MetaLevel (const MetaLevel *original, SymbolMap *map)
void postInterSymbolPass ()
void reset ()
void startVariableMapping (int varCounter, FreshVariableGenerator *varGenerator)
void stopVariableMapping ()
DagNodeupAmbiguity (Term *parse1, Term *parse2, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupBool (bool value)
DagNodeupContext (DagNode *dagNode, MixfixModule *m, DagNode *hole, PointerMap &qidMap, PointerMap &dagNodeMap)
DagNodeupDagNode (DagNode *dagNode, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap, PointerMap &dagNodeMap)
void upDisjointSubstitutions (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap, PointerMap &dagNodeMap, DagNode *&left, DagNode *&right)
DagNodeupEqs (bool flat, ImportModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupFailure4Tuple ()
DagNodeupFailurePair ()
DagNodeupFailureTrace ()
DagNodeupFailureTriple ()
DagNodeupImports (PreModule *pm, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupKindSet (const Vector< ConnectedComponent * > &kinds)
DagNodeupMatchPair (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, DagNode *dagNode, DagNode *hole, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupMbs (bool flat, ImportModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupModule (bool flat, PreModule *pm, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupNat (const mpz_class &nat)
DagNodeupNoMatchPair ()
DagNodeupNoMatchSubst ()
DagNodeupNoParse (int badTokenIndex)
DagNodeupNoUnifierContext4Tuple ()
DagNodeupNoUnifierContextTriple ()
DagNodeupNoUnifierPair ()
DagNodeupNoUnifierTriple ()
DagNodeupOpDecls (bool flat, ImportModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupQidList (const Vector< int > &ids)
DagNodeupResult4Tuple (DagNode *dagNode, const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, DagNode *metaContext, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupResultPair (Term *term, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupResultPair (DagNode *dagNode, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupResultTriple (DagNode *dagNode, const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupRls (bool flat, ImportModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupSorts (bool flat, ImportModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupSortSet (const Vector< Sort * > &sorts)
DagNodeupSubsortDecls (bool flat, ImportModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupSubstitution (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap, PointerMap &dagNodeMap)
DagNodeupTrace (const RewriteSequenceSearch &state, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupType (Sort *sort, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupTypeListSet (const Vector< OpDeclaration > &opDecls, const NatSet &chosenDecls, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupUnificationContext4Tuple (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, DagNode *dagNode, DagNode *hole, const mpz_class &variableIndex, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupUnificationContextTriple (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, DagNode *dagNode, DagNode *hole, const mpz_class &variableIndex, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupUnificationPair (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, const mpz_class &variableIndex, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupUnificationTriple (const Substitution &substitution, const VariableInfo &variableInfo, const mpz_class &variableIndex, MixfixModule *m)
DagNodeupView (View *view, PointerMap &qidMap)

Private Types

enum  Flags { NONEXEC = 1, OWISE = 2, PRINT = 4 }
enum  Implementation { nrPreallocatedArgs = 3 }

Private Member Functions

void checkHook (DagNode *metaIdHook, SymbolType &symbolType)
void checkHookList (DagNode *metaHookList, SymbolType &symbolType)
bool downAssignment (DagNode *metaAssignment, MixfixModule *m, Vector< Symbol * > &variables, Vector< Term * > &values)
bool downAttr (DagNode *metaAttr, AttributeInfo &ai)
bool downAttrSet (DagNode *metaAttrSet, AttributeInfo &ai)
bool downBubbleSpec (DagNode *metaBubbleSpec, MetaModule *m, Symbol *topSymbol, int &bubbleSpecIndex)
bool downConditionFragment (DagNode *metaConditionFragment, MixfixModule *m, ConditionFragment *&fragment)
bool downEquation (DagNode *metaEquation, MixfixModule *m)
bool downEquations (DagNode *metaEquations, MixfixModule *m)
bool downFixUps (MetaModule *m)
bool downHeader (DagNode *metaHeader, int &id, DagNode *&metaParameterDeclList)
bool downHook (DagNode *metaHook, MetaModule *m, Symbol *symbol, const Vector< Sort * > &domainAndRange)
bool downHook (DagNode *metaHook, MetaModule *m, int index)
bool downImport (DagNode *metaImport, MetaModule *m)
bool downImports (DagNode *metaImports, MetaModule *m)
bool downInstantiationArguments (DagNode *metaArguments, Vector< int > &arguments)
bool downMembAx (DagNode *metaMembAx, MixfixModule *m)
bool downMembAxs (DagNode *metaMembAxs, MixfixModule *m)
bool downModuleExpression (DagNode *metaExpr, ImportModule *enclosingModule, ImportModule *&m)
bool downNatList (DagNode *metaNatList, Vector< int > &intList)
bool downOpDecl (DagNode *metaOpDecl, MetaModule *m)
bool downOpDecls (DagNode *metaOpDecls, MetaModule *m)
bool downOpHook (DagNode *metaOpHook, MetaModule *m, int &purpose, Symbol *&op)
bool downParameterDecl (DagNode *metaParameterDecl, ImportModule *m)
bool downParameterDeclList (DagNode *metaParameterDeclList, ImportModule *m)
bool downPolymorphTypeList (DagNode *metaTypeList, MixfixModule *m, const NatSet &polyArgs, Vector< Sort * > &typeList)
bool downPrintList (DagNode *metaPrintList, MixfixModule *m, StatementAttributeInfo &ai)
bool downPrintListItem (DagNode *metaPrintListItem, MixfixModule *m, StatementAttributeInfo &ai)
bool downPrintOption (DagNode *metaPrintOption, int &printFlags) const
bool downRenaming (DagNode *metaRenaming, Renaming *renaming)
bool downRenamingAttribute (DagNode *metaRenamingAttribute, Renaming *renaming)
bool downRenamingAttributes (DagNode *metaRenamingAttributes, Renaming *renaming)
bool downRenamings (DagNode *metaRenamings, Renaming *renaming)
bool downRenamingType (DagNode *metaType, Renaming *renaming)
bool downRenamingTypes (DagNode *metaTypes, Renaming *renaming)
bool downRule (DagNode *metaRule, MixfixModule *m)
bool downRules (DagNode *metaRules, MixfixModule *m)
bool downSimpleSortList (DagNode *metaSortList, MixfixModule *m, Vector< Sort * > &sortList)
bool downSort (DagNode *metaSort, MixfixModule *m)
bool downSorts (DagNode *metaSorts, MixfixModule *m)
bool downStatementAttr (DagNode *metaAttr, MixfixModule *m, StatementAttributeInfo &ai)
bool downStatementAttrSet (DagNode *metaAttrSet, MixfixModule *m, StatementAttributeInfo &ai)
bool downSubsort (DagNode *metaSubsort, MixfixModule *m)
bool downSubsorts (DagNode *metaSubsorts, MixfixModule *m)
bool downTermList (DagNode *metaTermList, MixfixModule *m, Vector< Term * > &termList)
bool downType2 (int id, MixfixModule *m, Sort *&type)
bool downVariable (DagNode *metaVariable, MixfixModule *m, Symbol *&vs)
bool fixUpBubble (DagNode *metaHookList, MetaModule *m, int polymorphIndex)
bool handleIdentity (DagNode *metaIdentity, MetaModule *m, int index, const Vector< Sort * > &domainAndRange)
bool handleIdentity (DagNode *metaIdentity, MetaModule *m, BinarySymbol *s)
bool handleSpecial (DagNode *metaHookList, MetaModule *m, Symbol *symbol, const Vector< Sort * > &domainAndRange)
bool handleSpecial (DagNode *metaHookList, MetaModule *m, int polymorphIndex)
 NO_COPYING (MetaLevel)
DagNodeupArguments (const Vector< Token > &arguments, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupAssignment (const Term *variable, DagNode *value, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap, PointerMap &dagNodeMap)
DagNodeupAttributeSet (SymbolType st, Vector< DagNode * > &args)
DagNodeupCondition (const Vector< ConditionFragment * > &condition, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupConditionFragment (const ConditionFragment *fragment, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupConstant (int id, DagNode *d, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupConstant (int id, Sort *sort, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupEq (const Equation *equation, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupFrozen (const NatSet &frozen)
DagNodeupGather (const Vector< int > &gather, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupHeader (bool flat, PreModule *pm, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupIdentity (MixfixModule *m, SymbolType st, Term *identity, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupIdHook (int purpose, const Vector< int > &items, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupJoin (int id, Sort *sort, char sep, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupLabel (const Label &label, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupMb (const SortConstraint *mb, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupModuleExpression (const ModuleExpression *e, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupOpDecl (ImportModule *m, int symbolNr, int declNr, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupOpHook (int purpose, Symbol *op, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupOpMappings (View *view, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupParameterDecl (PreModule *pm, int index, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupParameterDecls (PreModule *pm, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupPolymorphDecl (ImportModule *m, int index, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupPolymorphSpecial (int index, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupQid (int id, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupQidList (const Vector< int > &ids, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupRenaming (const Renaming *r, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupRenamingAttributeSet (const Renaming *r, int index, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupRl (const Rule *rule, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupSortMappings (View *view, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupSortSet (const Vector< Sort * > &sorts, int begin, int nrSorts, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupSpecial (Symbol *symbol, const OpDeclaration &decl, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupStatementAttributes (MixfixModule *m, MixfixModule::ItemType type, const PreEquation *pe, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupStrat (const Vector< int > &strategy)
DagNodeupTerm (const Term *term, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupTermHook (int purpose, Term *term, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupTraceStep (const RewriteSequenceSearch &state, int stateNr, MixfixModule *m, PointerMap &qidMap, PointerMap &dagNodeMap)
DagNodeupTypeList (const Vector< Sort * > &types, bool omitLast, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupTypeSorts (const set< int > &sorts, PointerMap &qidMap)
DagNodeupVariable (int id, Sort *sort, PointerMap &qidMap)

Static Private Member Functions

static void convertToTokens (const Vector< int > &ids, Vector< Token > &tokens)
static int iterToken (DagNode *dagNode)
static DagNodeupGroup (const Vector< DagNode * > &args, Symbol *emptyCase, Symbol *multipleCase)

Private Attributes

MetaModuleCache cache
CachedDag falseTerm
bool flagVariables
CachedDag trueTerm
int variableBase

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file metaLevel.hh.

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