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NA_Symbol Member List

This is the complete list of members for NA_Symbol, including all inherited members.
acceptEquation(Equation *equation) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [protected, virtual]
acceptRule(Rule *rule) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [protected, virtual]
acceptSortConstraint(SortConstraint *sortConstraint) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [protected, virtual]
addOpDeclaration(const Vector< Sort * > &domainAndRange, bool constructorFlag) (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
applyReplace(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo=0) (defined in EquationTable)EquationTable [protected]
applyReplaceNoOwise(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo=0) (defined in EquationTable)EquationTable [protected]
applyRules(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, ExtensionInfo *extensionInfo) (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [protected]
arity() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
attachData(const Vector< Sort * > &opDeclaration, const char *purpose, const Vector< const char * > &data) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
attachSymbol(const char *purpose, Symbol *symbol) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
attachTerm(const char *purpose, Term *term) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
canProduceErrorSort() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [virtual]
canResolveTheoryClash() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
compare(const Symbol *other) const (defined in Symbol)Symbol [inline]
compileEquations() (defined in EquationTable)EquationTable [virtual]
compileOpDeclarations() (defined in SortTable)SortTable [virtual]
compileRules() (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [virtual]
compileSortConstraints() (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [virtual]
computeBaseSort(DagNode *subject) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
computeGeneralizedSort(const SortBdds &sortBdds, const Vector< int > &realToBdd, DagNode *subject, Vector< Bdd > &generalizedSort) (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline, virtual]
computePossibleDomainSorts(const NatSet &rangeSorts, Vector< NatSet > &domainSorts) (defined in Symbol)Symbol
computeSortFunctionBdds(const SortBdds &sortBdds, Vector< Bdd > &sortFunctionBdds) const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [virtual]
constrainToExactSort(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [inline]
constrainToSmallerSort(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [inline]
copyAttachments(Symbol *original, SymbolMap *map) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
CtorStatus enum name (defined in SortTable)SortTable
ctorTraverse(int position, int sortIndex) const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline, protected]
domainComponent(int argNr) const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
domainSortAlwaysLeqThan(Sort *sort, int argNr) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
eagerArgument(int argNr) const (defined in Strategy)Strategy [inline]
eqRewrite(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
equationFree() const (defined in EquationTable)EquationTable [inline]
evaluatedArgument(int argNr) const (defined in Strategy)Strategy [inline]
fastComputeTrueSort(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [inline]
fillInSortInfo(Term *subject) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
finalizeSortInfo() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
getCtorStatus() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
getDataAttachments(const Vector< Sort * > &opDeclaration, Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Vector< const char * > > &data) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
getEquations() const (defined in EquationTable)EquationTable [inline]
getFrozen() const (defined in Strategy)Strategy [inline]
getHashValue() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [inline]
getIndexWithinModule() const (defined in ModuleItem)ModuleItem [inline]
getLineNumber() const (defined in LineNumber)LineNumber [inline]
getMaximalOpDeclSet(Sort *target) (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
getModule() const (defined in ModuleItem)ModuleItem [inline]
getOpDeclarations() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
getRules() const (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [inline]
getSingleNonErrorSort() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
getSortConstraints() const (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [inline]
getStrategy() const (defined in Strategy)Strategy [inline]
getSymbolAttachments(Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Symbol * > &symbols) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
getTermAttachments(Vector< const char * > &purposes, Vector< Term * > &terms) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
getUniqueSortIndex() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [inline]
hasFrozenArguments() const (defined in Strategy)Strategy
id() const (defined in NamedEntity)NamedEntity [inline]
interSymbolPass() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
IS_COMPLEX enum value (defined in SortTable)SortTable
IS_CTOR enum value (defined in SortTable)SortTable
IS_NON_CTOR enum value (defined in SortTable)SortTable
isConstructor(DagNode *subject) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
isMemoized() const (defined in MemoTable)MemoTable [inline]
isStable() const (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
kindLevelDeclarationsOnly() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable
LineNumber(int lineNumber=UNDEFINED) (defined in LineNumber)LineNumber [inline]
makeCanonical(DagNode *original, HashConsSet *) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
makeCanonicalCopy(DagNode *original, HashConsSet *) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
makeDagNode(const Vector< DagNode * > &args) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
makeTerm(const Vector< Term * > &args) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
makeUnificationSubproblem() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
memoEnter(SourceSet &sourceSet, DagNode *destination) (defined in MemoTable)MemoTable
memoRewrite(SourceSet &sourceSet, DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in MemoTable)MemoTable
MemoTable(bool memoFlag) (defined in MemoTable)MemoTable [inline]
mightMatchPattern(Term *pattern) (defined in Symbol)Symbol
NA_Symbol(int id) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol
NamedEntity(int id) (defined in NamedEntity)NamedEntity [inline]
normalizeAndComputeTrueSort(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
offerEquation(Equation *equation) (defined in EquationTable)EquationTable [inline]
offerRule(Rule *rule) (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [inline]
offerSortConstraint(SortConstraint *sortConstraint) (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [inline]
orderSortConstraints() (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable
postInterSymbolPass() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
postOpDeclarationPass() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
rangeComponent() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
rangeSortAlwaysLeqThan(Sort *sort) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
rangeSortNeverLeqThan(Sort *sort) (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
reset() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
resetEachRule() (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [protected]
resetRules() (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [virtual]
restoreHiddenState() (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [virtual]
ruleFree() const (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [inline]
ruleRewrite(DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [virtual]
RuleTable() (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable
safeToInspectSortConstraints() (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [inline, protected]
saveHiddenState() (defined in RuleTable)RuleTable [virtual]
setFrozen(const NatSet &frozen) (defined in Strategy)Strategy [virtual]
setLineNumber(int lineNr) (defined in LineNumber)LineNumber [inline]
setModuleInfo(Module *module, int indexWithinModule) (defined in ModuleItem)ModuleItem [inline]
setStrategy(const Vector< int > &userStrategy, int nrArgs, bool memoFlag) (defined in Strategy)Strategy
sortConstraintFree() const (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable [inline]
SortConstraintTable() (defined in SortConstraintTable)SortConstraintTable
SortTable(int arity) (defined in SortTable)SortTable
SourceSet typedef (defined in MemoTable)MemoTable
specialSortHandling() const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline, protected]
stackArguments(DagNode *subject, Vector< RedexPosition > &stack, int parentIndex) (defined in NA_Symbol)NA_Symbol [virtual]
standard (defined in Strategy)Strategy [protected, static]
standardStrategy() const (defined in Strategy)Strategy [inline]
Strategy() (defined in Strategy)Strategy
Symbol(int id, int arity, bool memoFlag=false) (defined in Symbol)Symbol
traverse(int position, int sortIndex) const (defined in SortTable)SortTable [inline]
unevaluatedArguments() const (defined in Strategy)Strategy [inline]
unificationPriority() const (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]
~Symbol() (defined in Symbol)Symbol [virtual]

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