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PointerSet Class Reference

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struct  Pair

Public Member Functions

int cardinality () const
bool contains (void *p) const
bool contains (const PointerSet &other) const
bool contains (void *p, unsigned int rawHashValue) const
bool disjoint (const PointerSet &other) const
bool empty () const
void * index2Pointer (int i) const
int insert (void *p, unsigned int rawHashValue)
int insert (void *p)
void insert (const PointerSet &other)
void intersect (const PointerSet &other)
void makeEmpty ()
bool operator!= (const PointerSet &other) const
PointerSetoperator= (const PointerSet &original)
bool operator== (const PointerSet &other) const
int pointer2Index (void *p, unsigned int rawHashValue) const
int pointer2Index (void *p) const
 PointerSet (const PointerSet &original)
void subtract (void *p)
void subtract (void *p, unsigned int rawHashValue)
void subtract (const PointerSet &other)
void swap (PointerSet &other)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void collision (void *pointer1, unsigned int rawHashValue1, void *pointer2, unsigned int rawHashValue2, unsigned int tableSize, unsigned int disputedSlot) const
virtual unsigned int hash (void *pointer) const
virtual bool isEqual (void *pointer1, void *pointer2) const

Private Types

enum  Parameters { STARTING_HASH_TABLE_SIZE = 8 }

Private Member Functions

int findEntry (void *p, unsigned int rawHashValue) const
bool isEqual (const Pair &pair, void *p, unsigned int rawHashValue) const
void rehash ()
void resize (int minSize)

Static Private Member Functions

static int localHash (unsigned int rawHashValue)
static int localHash2 (unsigned int rawHashValue)

Private Attributes

Vector< int > hashTable
Vector< PairpointerTable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file pointerSet.hh.

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