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Renaming Class Reference

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struct  OpMapping

Public Member Functions

void addLabelMapping (Token from, Token to)
void addLabelMapping (int from, int to)
void addOpMapping (const Vector< Token > &tokens)
void addOpMapping (int code)
void addOpMappingPartialCopy (const Renaming *original, int index)
void addOpTarget (const Vector< Token > &tokens)
void addOpTarget (int code)
void addOpTargetTerm (Term *term)
void addSortAndLabelMappings (const Renaming *original)
void addSortMapping (Token from, Token to)
void addSortMapping (int from, int to)
void addType (bool kind, const Vector< Token > &tokens)
void addType (const ConnectedComponent *component)
void addVarDecl (Token varName)
const Vector< int > & getFormat (int index) const
const Vector< int > & getGather (int index) const
int getLabelFrom (int index) const
int getLabelTo (int index) const
int getNrLabelMappings () const
int getNrOpMappings () const
int getNrSortMappings () const
int getNrTypes (int index) const
int getOpFrom (int index) const
TermgetOpTargetTerm (int index) const
int getOpTo (int index) const
int getPrec (int index) const
int getSortFrom (int index) const
int getSortTo (int index) const
const set< int > & getTypeSorts (int index, int typeNr) const
crope makeCanonicalName () const
RenamingmakeCanonicalVersion (ImportModule *module) const
void printRenaming (ostream &s, const char *sep, const char *sep2) const
int renameLabel (int oldId) const
int renameOp (int id, const Vector< int > &sortNames) const
int renameOp (Symbol *oldSymbol) const
int renamePolymorph (int oldId) const
int renameSort (int oldId) const
void setFormat (const Vector< Token > &format)
void setGather (const Vector< Token > &gather)
void setLatexMacro (const string &latexMacro)
void setPrec (Token precTok)

Private Types

typedef map< int, int > IdMap
typedef set< int > IdSet
typedef multimap< int, OpMappingOpMap

Private Member Functions

void printRenamingType (ostream &s, int opMappingNr, int typeNr) const

Static Private Member Functions

static crope makeTypeName (const set< int > &type)
static void setType (set< int > &type, const ConnectedComponent *component)
static bool typeMatch (const Vector< set< int > > &types, Symbol *oldSymbol)
static bool typeMatch (const Vector< set< int > > &types, const Vector< int > &sortNames)
static bool typeMatch (const set< int > &type, const ConnectedComponent *component)

Private Attributes

IdMap labelMap
Vector< IdMap::const_iterator > labelMapIndex
OpMap::iterator lastOpMapping
OpMap opMap
Vector< OpMap::const_iterator > opMapIndex
IdMap sortMap
Vector< IdMap::const_iterator > sortMapIndex


ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const Type &type)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file renaming.hh.

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