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RewriteSequenceSearch Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef map< int, set< Rule * > > ArcMap

Public Member Functions

bool findNextMatch ()
RewritingContextgetContext ()
const PatterngetGoal () const
int getNextState (int stateNr, int index)
int getNrStates () const
DagNodegetStateDag (int stateNr) const
const ArcMap & getStateFwdArcs (int stateNr) const
int getStateNr () const
int getStateParent (int stateNr) const
RulegetStateRule (int stateNr) const
const SubstitutiongetSubstitution () const
 RewriteSequenceSearch (RewritingContext *initial, SearchType searchType, Pattern *goal, int maxDepth=-1)
void transferCount (RewritingContext &recipient)

Private Member Functions

int findNextInterestingState ()
 NO_COPYING (RewriteSequenceSearch)

Private Attributes

int explore
int exploreDepth
int firstDeeperNodeNr
Pattern *const goal
const int maxDepth
bool needToTryInitialState
int nextArc
bool normalFormNeeded
bool reachingInitialStateOK
int stateNr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file rewriteSequenceSearch.hh.

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