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Rule Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addConditionVariables (const NatSet &vars)
void addUnboundVariables (const NatSet &vars)
bool allSet (int activeFlags) const
void check ()
bool checkCondition (bool findFirst, DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, Subproblem *subproblem, int &trialRef, stack< ConditionState * > &state) const
bool checkCondition (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context, Subproblem *subproblem) const
void clearFlags (int activeFlags)
void compile (bool compileLhs)
int computeIndexRemapping ()
void endOfFragment ()
const Vector
< ConditionFragment * > & 
getCondition () const
const NatSetgetConditionVariables () const
LhsAutomatongetExtLhsAutomaton ()
bool getFlag (int flag) const
int getIndexWithinModule () const
const LabelgetLabel () const
TermgetLhs () const
LhsAutomatongetLhsAutomaton () const
DagNodegetLhsDag ()
int getLineNumber () const
ModulegetModule () const
LhsAutomatongetNonExtLhsAutomaton ()
int getNrProtectedVariables () const
int getNrRealVariables () const
TermgetRhs () const
const RhsBuildergetRhsBuilder () const
const NatSetgetUnboundVariables () const
bool hasCondition () const
Termindex2Variable (int index) const
bool isBad () const
bool isNonexec () const
int makeConstructionIndex ()
int makeProtectedVariable ()
void markAsBad ()
bool oneOrMoreSet (int activeFlags) const
void preprocess ()
int remapIndex (int original)
void reset ()
 Rule (int label, Term *lhs, Term *rhs, const Vector< ConditionFragment * > &condition=noCondition)
void setFlags (int activeFlags)
void setLineNumber (int lineNr)
void setModuleInfo (Module *module, int indexWithinModule)
void setNonexec ()
void useIndex (int index)
int variable2Index (VariableTerm *variableTerm)

Protected Member Functions

void check (NatSet &boundVariables)
void compileBuild (TermBag &availableTerms, bool eagerContext)
void compileMatch (bool compileLhs, bool withExtension)
bool isCompiled () const
void setCompiled ()

Static Protected Attributes

static const Vector
< ConditionFragment * > 

Private Member Functions

int traceBeginTrial (DagNode *subject, RewritingContext &context) const

Private Attributes

RhsBuilder builder
DagRoot lhsDag

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file rule.hh.

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