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SortBdds Class Reference

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struct  ComponentInfo

Public Member Functions

int getFirstAvailableVariable () const
Bdd getGtRelation (int componentIndex) const
Bdd getLeqRelation (int sortIndex) const
int getNrVariables (int componentIndex) const
const Vector< Bdd > & getSortFunction (Symbol *symbol) const
Bdd makeIndexBdd (int firstVariable, int nrVariables, int index) const
void makeIndexVector (int nrBdds, int index, Vector< Bdd > &vec) const
Bdd makeVariableBdd (int firstVariable, int nrVariables) const
void makeVariableVector (int firstVariable, int nrVariables, Vector< Bdd > &vec) const
 SortBdds (Module *module)

Private Types

typedef void ErrorHandler (int errorNr)

Private Member Functions

int calculateNrBits (int nrIndicies)

Static Private Member Functions

static void dump (ostream &s, bdd root)
static bdd ithvar (int i)
static bdd nithvar (int i)
static void setErrorHandler (ErrorHandler *errHandler)
static void setNrVariables (int nrVariables)

Private Attributes

Vector< ComponentInfocomponentInfo
Vector< BddleqRelations
int maxNrVariables
Vector< Vector< Bdd > > sortFunctions

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file sortBdds.hh.

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