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SortTable Class Reference

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struct  Node

Public Types

enum  CtorStatus { IS_CTOR = 1, IS_NON_CTOR = 2, IS_COMPLEX = IS_CTOR | IS_NON_CTOR }

Public Member Functions

void addOpDeclaration (const Vector< Sort * > &domainAndRange, bool constructorFlag)
int arity () const
virtual bool canProduceErrorSort () const
virtual void compileOpDeclarations ()
virtual void computeGeneralizedSort (const SortBdds &sortBdds, const Vector< int > &realToBdd, DagNode *subject, Vector< Bdd > &generalizedSort)
virtual void computeSortFunctionBdds (const SortBdds &sortBdds, Vector< Bdd > &sortFunctionBdds) const
const ConnectedComponentdomainComponent (int argNr) const
virtual void fillInSortInfo (Term *subject)=0
virtual void finalizeSortInfo ()
int getCtorStatus () const
const NatSetgetMaximalOpDeclSet (Sort *target)
const Vector< OpDeclaration > & getOpDeclarations () const
SortgetSingleNonErrorSort () const
bool kindLevelDeclarationsOnly () const
ConnectedComponentrangeComponent () const
 SortTable (int arity)
int traverse (int position, int sortIndex) const

Protected Member Functions

int ctorTraverse (int position, int sortIndex) const
bool specialSortHandling () const

Private Types

typedef Vector< BddVectorBddTable
typedef Vector< BddBddVector

Private Member Functions

void buildCtorDiagram ()
void buildSortDiagram ()
void computeBddVector (const SortBdds &sortBdds, int bddVarNr, int argNr, BddTable &table, int nodeNr) const
void computeMaximalOpDeclSetTable ()
bool containsConstructor (const NatSet &state, bool &unique)
bool domainSubsumes (int subsumer, int victim) const
int findMinSortIndex (const NatSet &state, bool &unique)
int findStateNumber (Vector< NatSet > &stateSet, const NatSet &state)
void minimize (NatSet &alive, int argNr)
void minimizeWrtCtor (NatSet &alive, int argNr) const
 NO_COPYING (SortTable)
bool partiallySubsumes (int subsumer, int victim, int argNr)
void sortErrorAnalysis (bool preregProblem, const set< int > &badTerminals)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool ctorSubsumes (const OpDeclaration &subsumer, const OpDeclaration &victim, int argNr)
static bool partlyMoreGeneral (const OpDeclaration &subsumer, const OpDeclaration &victim, int argNr)

Private Attributes

Vector< ConnectedComponent * > componentVector
Vector< int > ctorDiagram
int ctorStatus
Vector< NatSetmaximalOpDeclSetTable
const int nrArgs
Vector< OpDeclarationopDeclarations
Vector< int > sortDiagram

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file sortTable.hh.

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