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SyntacticPreModule Class Reference

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struct  Hook
struct  Import
struct  OpDecl
struct  OpDef
struct  Parameter

Public Types

enum  HookType { ID_HOOK, OP_HOOK, TERM_HOOK }

Public Member Functions

void addHook (HookType type, Token name, const Vector< Token > &details)
void addImport (Token mode, ModuleExpression *expr)
void addOpDecl (const Vector< Token > &opName)
void addParameter (Token name, ModuleExpression *theory)
void addSortDecl (const Vector< Token > &sortDecl)
void addStatement (const Vector< Token > &statement)
void addSubsortDecl (const Vector< Token > &subsortDecl)
void addType (bool kind, const Vector< Token > &tokens)
void addVarDecl (Token varName)
void convertSortsToKinds ()
void dump ()
void finishModule (Token endToken)
const ModuleDatabase::ImportMap & getAutoImports () const
VisibleModulegetFlatModule ()
VisibleModulegetFlatSignature ()
const ModuleExpressiongetImport (int index) const
int getImportMode (int index) const
int getLineNumber () const
MixfixModule::ModuleType getModuleType () const
int getNrImports () const
int getNrParameters () const
InterpretergetOwner () const
const ModuleExpressiongetParameter (int index) const
int getParameterName (int index) const
int id () const
bool isComplete ()
void loseFocus ()
void makeOpDeclsConsistent ()
void setFlag (int flag)
void setFormat (const Vector< Token > &format)
void setFrozen (const Vector< Token > &frozen)
void setGather (const Vector< Token > &gather)
void setIdentity (const Vector< Token > &identity)
void setLatexMacro (const string &latexMacro)
void setLineNumber (int lineNr)
void setMetadata (Token metaDataTok)
void setModuleType (MixfixModule::ModuleType type)
void setPoly (const Vector< Token > &polyArgs)
void setPrec (Token range)
void setStrat (const Vector< Token > &strategy)
void showModule (ostream &s=cout)
 SyntacticPreModule (Token startToken, Token moduleName)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool checkFormatString (const char *string)
static void printFormat (ostream &s, const Vector< int > &format)
static void printGather (ostream &s, const Vector< int > &gather)

Private Member Functions

void checkOpTypes ()
void checkType (const Type &type)
bool compatible (int endTokenCode)
void computeOpTypes ()
SortcomputeType (const Type &type)
bool defaultFixUp (OpDef &opDef, int index)
bool defaultFixUp (OpDef &opDef, Symbol *symbol)
SymbolextractSpecialSymbol (const Vector< Token > &bubble, int &pos)
void extractSpecialTerms (const Vector< Token > &bubble, int begin, ConnectedComponent *component, Vector< Term * > &terms)
int findHook (const Vector< Hook > &hookList, HookType type, int name)
SymbolfindHookSymbol (const Vector< Token > &fullName)
void fixUpSymbols ()
SortgetSort (Token token)
DagNodemakeDag (Term *subjectTerm)
DagNodemakeDag (const Vector< Token > &subject)
 NO_COPYING (SyntacticPreModule)
void printOpDef (ostream &s, int defIndex)
void process ()
void processImports ()
void processOps ()
void processSorts ()
void processStatements ()
void regretToInform (Entity *doomedEntity)

Static Private Member Functions

static void printAttributes (ostream &s, const OpDef &opDef)
static void printSortTokenVector (ostream &s, const Vector< Token > &sorts)

Private Attributes

ModuleDatabase::ImportMap autoImports
Vector< Importimports
Bool isCompleteFlag
Bool lastSawOpDecl
Vector< OpDeclopDecls
Vector< OpDefopDefs
Vector< Parameterparameters
set< int > potentialLabels
Vector< Vector< Token > > sortDecls
int startTokenCode
Vector< Vector< Token > > statements
Vector< Vector< Token > > subsortDecls


ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const Type &type)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file syntacticPreModule.hh.

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