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Token Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  AuxProperties {
enum  SpecialProperties {

Public Member Functions

int auxProperty () const
int code () const
void dropChar (const Token &original)
void fixUp (const char *tokenString, int &lineNumber)
bool getInt (int &value) const
void getRational (mpz_class &numerator, mpz_class &denominator)
int lineNumber () const
void makePrefixName (const Vector< Token > &opBubble)
const char * name () const
int specialProperty () const
void tokenize (int code, int lineNumber)
void tokenize (const char *tokenString, int lineNumber)

Static Public Member Functions

static int auxProperty (int code)
static int backQuoteSpecials (int code)
static int bubbleToPrefixNameCode (const Vector< Token > &opBubble)
static double codeToDouble (int code)
static Int64 codeToInt64 (int code)
static crope codeToRope (int code)
static int dotNameCode (int sortNameCode)
static int doubleToCode (double d)
static int encode (const char *tokenString)
static int extractMixfix (int prefixNameCode, Vector< int > &mixfixSyntax)
static int flaggedCode (int code)
static int int64ToCode (Int64 i)
static bool isFlagged (int code)
static int joinParameterList (int header, const Vector< int > &parameters)
static const char * name (int code)
static int parameterRename (int parameterCode, int originalCode)
static void peelParen (Vector< Token > &tokens)
static void peelParens (Vector< Token > &tokens)
static void printTokens (ostream &s, const Vector< Token > &tokens, const char *seperator)
static void printTokenVector (ostream &s, const Vector< Token > &tokens, int first, int last, bool fancySpacing)
static int quoteNameCode (int idCode)
static int ropeToPrefixNameCode (const crope &r)
static void ropeToString (const crope &rope, string &result)
static crope sortName (int code)
static bool specialChar (char c)
static int specialProperty (int code)
static bool split (int code, int &opName, mpz_class &number)
static bool split (int code, int &prefix, int &suffix)
static bool splitKind (int code, Vector< int > &codes)
static void splitParameterizedSort (int code, Vector< int > &codes)
static void splitParameterList (int code, int &header, Vector< int > &parameters)
static int unBackQuoteSpecials (int code)
static int unflaggedCode (int code)

Private Types

enum  SpecialValues { FLAG_BIT = 0x40000000 }

Static Private Member Functions

static void bufferExpandTo (int size)
static void checkForSpecialProperty (const char *tokenString)
static int computeAuxProperty (const char *tokenString)
static bool looksLikeRational (const char *s)
static void reallocateBuffer (int length)
static const char * skipSortName (const char *tokenString, bool &parameterized)

Private Attributes

int codeNr
int lineNr

Static Private Attributes

static Vector< int > auxProperties
static char * buffer = 0
static int bufferLength = 0
static Vector< int > specialProperties
static StringTable stringTable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file token.hh.

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